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FAQ - The Duck Buck Tour VIP Experience

I want to purchase a VIP Experience, but I don’t have a ticket. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, the VIP Experience experience is only valid if you have purchased a show ticket separately. We will not be allowed to let anyone in the venue without both a ticket and a VIP Experience confirmation.

Get Show Tickets: HERE

Do I have to purchase a VIP Experience for every person in my group?

Yes. Each VIP Experience confirmation is valid for 1 person only. If members of your party do not want to participate, they will be able to enter the venue following the VIP Experience and when doors open.

Can I buy multiple VIP Experiences together?

Yes you can! You must purchase them under a name of a person participating in the VIP Experience i.e. one person who is coming to the venue and can check in with their I.D. If you’re having a parent buying a VIP Experience for you, make sure to tell them to put your name on the confirmation.

Can I sell my VIP Experience?

No–VIP Experience resale is strictly prohibited. Name changes are not permitted under these circumstances. 

I am underage and need a parent to enter the venue with me, do I have to buy a VIP Experience for them as well?

Yes, unfortunately we cannot allow anyone in the venue without both a show ticket and VIP Experience. Please make sure you purchase a VIP Experience for every person in your group. We will not be able to issue refunds if the venue refuses entry due to age restrictions. 

I am not sure if I will need a parent with me at the show & VIP Experience. Who should I check with?

Please contact the venue directly and review their age restrictions. 

What time should I get to the venue? 

You will receive an email with arrival times and instructions 72-hours before your show. For planning purposes, please refer to your instructions email for confirmed times. 

What will happen at the VIP Experience? 

You will meet Ingrid, take a photo, and receive your exclusive VIP merchandise. 

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but all sales are final. No refunds.